Kitija Grinsteina

Informācija par autoru

I live in Ikškile. As a child, I went to the famous Mārupe children’s garden, where I sang and filmed in the programs of godmother Lienīte. When asked what I will be when I grow up, I answered: “Painter.” During school, I attended drawing classes at the Riga Pupils’ Palace (now – Riga Palace) with Ausekl Baukškeniek, Jura Ģerman. In the 12th grade, I painted in the preparatory studio of the Latvian Academy of Arts (LMA). Dagmāra Villeruša, who lived nearby, took him there. In 2015, I started painting again with LMA preparation course teacher Ilze Neiland. The works were created in the Ceruleum studio. In 2015, I started painting with Ilze Neiland, a teacher of preparatory courses at the Latvian Academy of Arts (LMA). In 2016, together with Margita Grietēna, we created an exhibition at the Ikšķile Town Hall. In 2018, I participated in the exhibition of I. Neyland’s studio at the Riga Latvian Society House. In 2017, I studied at the Art History and Theory master’s department at the Latvian Academy of Arts. LMA had the opportunity to learn other interesting subjects as well. In order to learn human drawing and painting, I studied anatomy with teacher A. Drīzulis, painting technology with A. Začest, composition with both A. Vītoliņš and A. Naumov, painting with I. Henriksonas, Kaspar Zariņš, Normund Brasliņš, and drawing with R. Gros and Ilze Lībiete. I highly appreciate the instructors and their skills, from which there is still much to learn. A little experience in the Ogre Art Museum helped to see the common denominators in art and history. 2019 – I finished the master’s degree at LMA, obtained Mg. Art. Life is full of ideas, history, art and humor. I hope the paintings will be like that too.

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