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To post a job, you have to be an artist, art academy students or to paint one of the artists’ studios. We will look at the work and only then it will be posted to the website. Support to oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media works of art trade. Support photo artists. The work must be individual, high-quality and completed in accordance with the drawn up. Before the work placement, we’ll send you a contract. You can place only those works which have not yet been sold and which is physically located near you. You agree that you sent in your work is solely your work and that the notice of copyright laws in force in our country: http://likumi.lv/doc.php?id=5138 This means that other authors may not post copies! We respect your data protection as laid down in the Personal Data Protection Act: http://likumi.lv/doc.php?id=4042

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